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USAF 1951對比度分辨率測試板

  • 提供密度不同的15個USAF測試板
  • 可以測量不同對比度層級的分辨率

USAF 1951 Contrast Resolution Targets allow users to evaluate their systems using the standard USAF format for resolution measurements at different contrast levels. Since imaging systems are often classified in terms of resolution and contrast, our photographic paper targets are the ideal solution. For example, they are useful when lens designers develop lens systems to provide high contrast at low resolution, but neglect contrast at higher resolutions. USAF 1951 Contrast Resolution Targets prove handy when two lens designs have the same limiting resolution, but drastically different contrast performance at lower resolutions. By imaging targets of various contrast, the user can make qualitative comparisons between lenses as well as evaluate the performance of the system for objects with varying or low contrast levels. 


Number of Line Pairs / mm in USAF Resolving Power Test Target 1951
Group No.
0 1 2 3 4
1 1.00 2.00 4.00 8.00 16.00
2 1.12 2.24 4.49 8.98 17.95
3 1.26 2.52 5.04 10.10 20.16
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