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Traditional Coated 700 – 1650nm Bandpass Interference Filters

  • 可用於紫外線、可見光及紅外線中心波長
  • 提供10 - 80nm頻寬
  • 非常適用於生物醫學應用與儀器整合
  • 193-399nm, 400-699nm, 700-1650nm CWL Options Available


帶通干涉濾光片廣泛用於多種應用 (包括臨床化學、環境測試、比色法、元素與雷射光分離、火焰光度法、螢光及免疫分析) 的儀器中。此外,帶通干涉濾光片還用於選取電弧燈或氣體放電燈的離散光譜線,以及分離氬、氪、Nd:YAG及其他雷射發出的特定光線。這些濾光片通常與雷射二極體模組LED搭配使用。

Traditional Coated Filters

Traditional coated filters are fabricated in three sections, one of which determines the center wavelength (CWL), bandwidth (FWHM), and the shape of the transmittance curve while the other two control the blocking range of the filter. The bandpass section of Traditional Coated Bandpass Interference Filters is made by repetitive vacuum deposition of thin layers of partially reflecting dielectric compounds on a glass substrate. Rejection of wavelengths resulting from destructive interference is limited to within 15% of the central wavelength, therefore, additional glass or metallic blockers must be added to reduce out-of-band transmittance. Metallic blockers, such as layers of silver, reflect and absorb radiation outside of the filter passband and negate higher order passbands from X-ray to the long-wave infrared (LWIR). The blocking capabilities of metallic blockers are augmented by the addition of color transmitting glass and custom dyes that absorb UV or long wavelength radiation. After thin film deposition is complete, the three sections are scribed, laminated, cut, and mounted.


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