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4X - I3A/ISO 12233 Resolution Test Chart

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Photo Paper
Pattern Size (mm):
800 x 1422
Dimensions (mm):
940 x 1575
40:1 typical
NIST Certification:

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Certificate of Conformance:
Reach 235:


  • Complies with the ISO 12233 Standard
  • 提供整個場的分辨率校準
  • Applicable to Both Monochrome and Color Cameras that Deliver a Digital or Analog Video Signal
  • 提供三種尺寸

此測試板專為測試電子靜態圖片相機的分辨率而設計。可以使用此測試板來量測視覺分辨率、限制分辨率,並提供取得空間頻率回應(SFR)資料的簡易方法。圖卡上的特徵介於100至2000 LW/PH (每個圖片高度的線寬)之間,0.1mm的分辨率對應於最細的特徵。此外,還包括100-1000個線性方波掃描、斜線、條形、方形及棋盤圖案(用於影像壓縮作品)。此卡提供三種尺寸,以因應多種相機與鏡頭的需求。

The 1X and 2X Enhanced Digital Camera targets are based on the ISO-12223 chart but have additional information. They can be used to determine reflective light resolution and imaging characteristics of digital still camera systems.

Test chart elements include:

  • Black border for defining active area
  • Center dual frequency zone plate for focusing purposes
  • 100-600 LW/PH and 500-2000 LW/PH hyperbolic wedges for measuring center and corner, horizontal and vertical visual resolution.
  • 100-1000 line square wave sweeps for measuring vertical and horizontal limiting resolution
  • Slightly slanted (@ 5 degrees) large black bars for measuring center horizontal and vertical SFR
  • 45 degree diagonal black square for measuring diagonal SFR
  • Slightly slanted small black squares for measuring vertical and horizontal SFR at extreme corners of field
  • Slightly slanted H-shaped bars for SFR at far sides of field
  • Slightly slanted square wave bursts for horizontal and vertical aliasing ratios
  • Slightly slanted thin long vertical line and horizontal line for checking scan linearity
  • 100-1000 LW/PH short black lines for vertical and horizontal pulse responses
  • Circle with cross and X for observation of scanning non-linearities
  • Checkerboard patterns for image compression artifacts

In addition to all of the ISO-12233 chart features, the enhanced digital camera target offers:

  • Extended resolution ranges. Standard center chart measures to 4,000 LW/ph and corner wedges measure to 2,000 LW/ph
  • Two Star Sector targets
  • Dark gray (8% R) 5° square on medium gray background (32% R) for reduced contrast SFR analysis
  • 5° slanted bar (5 x 30mm) for 1X chart
  • Short black lines (square wave sweep) 1200 to 3,000 LW/ph
  • Slanted short black lines (tilted square wave bursts) 1200 to 3,000 LW/ph
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