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Componon f/2.8, 35mm Focal Length

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Iris Option:
Maximum Diameter (mm):
Maximum Image Circle (mm):
Fixed Focal Length Lens
Focal Length FL (mm):
Maximum Sensor Format:
30mm (Image Circle)
Adapter Required
Aperture (f/#):
Lens Wavelength Range:

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Certificate of Conformance:
Reach 233:


  • Up to 108mm Image Circle for Line Scan or Area Scan Sensors
  • C-Mount, F-Mount, T2-Mount, Pentax-Mount, or V-Mount
  • Rugged Designs for Short Working Distances and Macro Imaging
  • 28mm to 120mm Focal Length

The Schneider Optics line of Macro Imaging Lenses is ideal for a wide range of machine vision and macro imaging applications. The ability to produce image circles ranging from 30 to 108mm allows these lenses to integrate easily with larger array sizes and high-resolution line scan sensors. Optically designed for shorter working distances, the macro lenses have the ability to produce better contrast at desired resolutions than other lenses with similar specifications. Additionally, each lens is designed to be reversible in order to increase its usable range of magnification while maintaining the highest levels of image quality.

Each lens system consists of 3 main components. First, a lens of desired focal length to meet the specific application is needed. Second, one of three different helical focusing mounts, which allows for fine focusing adjustment of the system needs to be chosen based on sensor size. Next, there are a variety of extension tubes that allow the proper image and object distance to be obtained. The extension tube selection depends on the selected helical focusing mount as well as the desired length. Extension tubes can be combined for custom lengths. Additionally, a specific camera mounting option may be required in order to correctly connect to the desired camera.

The lens options are all fitted with a special V-mount on both sides of the lens that allows adaptation to all 3 sets of focus tubes.

The UniFoc-12 and extension tubes for the Unifoc 12 focusing tube offer this same V-mount. Using these components, the UniFoc-12 system will need to be adapted to the camera with one of the lens adapters listed below.

The UniFoc-58 and UniFoc-76 are threaded focus tubes and require an adapter to mount a V-mount lens. The UniFoc-58 offers an M42x0.75 thread, while the UniFoc-76 offers an M58x0.75 thread. The UniFoc-76 can be used with an adapter for M72x0.75 threads, and increase the tube diameter for large sensors to avoid vignetting. With this adapter, the M72 extension tubes must be used.

Note: Please contact our Applications Engineering Department if you wish to discuss extension tube lengths and working distance requirements for these lenses


Amount Required Description Stock No.
1 Componon f/2.8, 28mm Focal Length #63-049
Componon f/2.8, 35mm Focal Length #63-050
Componon f/2.8, 50mm Focal Length #63-051
Componon f/4.0, 80mm Focal Length #63-052
Componon f/5.6, 100mm Focal Length #63-053
Apo-Componon f/2.8, 40mm Focal Length #63-054
Apo-Componon f/4.0, 45mm Focal Length #63-055
Apo-Componon f/4.0, 60mm Focal Length #63-056
Apo-Componon f/4.5, 90mm Focal Length #63-057
1 UniFoc-12 for sensors smaller than 30mm, V-Mount #63-436
UniFoc-58 for sensors b/w 30mm and 43.3mm, M42 #63-059
UniFoc-76 for sensors larger than 43.3mm, M58 #63-060
1 (Possibly Required) Extension Tubes for UniFoc-12: V-mount
8mm Extension Tube #63-061
10mm Extension Tube #63-062
25mm Extension Tube #63-063
Extension Tubes for UniFoc-58: M42 x 0.75 Mount
10mm Extention Tube #63-064
25mm Extention Tube #63-065
Extension Tubes for UniFoc-76: M58 Mount
10mm Extension Tube #63-066
25mm Extension Tube #63-067
M58 to M72 Adapter #63-437
M72 10 Extension Tube #63-438
M72 25 Extension Tube #63-439
1 (Optional for Unifoc-58 and Unifoc-76) V Mount to C-mount Camera Mount #63-068
V Mount to T2 Camera Mount (M42 x 0.75) #63-069
V Mount to Pentax Camera Mount (M42 x 1.0) #63-070
V Mount to Leica Adapter (M39 x 26 TPI) #63-071
V Mount to Nikon F-Mount Camera Mount #63-072
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