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30° - 60° - 90° 利特羅色散稜鏡

30° - 60° - 90° Littrow Dispersion Prisms

  • 若有鍍膜,光線會偏離60°
  • 若無鍍膜,則非常適合作為色散稜鏡
  • 右向旋轉的影像

TECHSPEC® 30°- 60°- 90°利特羅色散稜鏡可用於多種應用。無鍍膜的利特羅色散稜鏡可用於將光線依其分量光譜進行散射;有鍍膜的利特羅色散稜鏡可用於將視線偏轉60°。

Littrow prisms feature 30°, 60°, and 90° angles, and depending on whether the B-C surface is uncoated or coated, are commonly used as dispersion or beam deviation prisms.

Dispersion Prisms (Uncoated)

Collimated white light enters into the A-C surface of the prism, is reflected at the hypotenuse surface, and then dispersed into its component spectrum at the B-C surface. Although Littrow prisms produce narrower dispersion than equilateral prisms, Littrow prisms are typically less expensive.

Beam Deviation Prisms (Coated)

Incident light enters into the aluminum coated B-C surface of the prism at the nominal angle and returns back using the same path. In spectrum dispersion applications utilizing white light, the resolution performance of Littrow prisms is equal to equilateral prisms since the optical path length through the glass substrate is the same distance round-trip. Additionally, light entered into the A-C surface will reflect twice inside the glass substrate before being emitted through the hypotenuse surface at 60°.

Littrow Dispersion Prism Ray Path
Littrow Dispersion Prism Ray Path
Littrow Dispersion Prism Tunnel Diagram
Littrow Dispersion Prism Tunnel Diagram


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#43-648 12.7mm 21.9mm 12.7mm
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