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  • 具有4"的工作距離
  • 提供1.7"的涵蓋範圍
  • 提供可變強度與含頻閃的選項

Advanced Illumination Standard Working Distance LED Ring Lights are designed to be mounted on the front of many standard imaging lenses using our Ring Light Filter Thread Adapters. Mounting brackets are included for easy system integration. LED intensity can be varied using the in line potentiometer.

Note: Required 24V power supply #66-855. Accessories for Advanced Illumination products are available and sold separately. 

The strobed models' flash duration is dependent on a trigger signal or potentiometer setting. The duration of the strobe can be adjusted from 30 - 300μs via a knob located in the back of the unit. Trigger input signal is CMOS/TTL compatible. The maximum trigger frequency is 30Hz.

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