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TECHSPEC Mounted and Unmounted Anamorphic Prism Pairs

TECHSPEC Mounted and Unmounted Anamorphic Prism Pairs

  • 可將橢圓形光束轉化為圓形
  • 針對常用二極體波長採用抗反射鍍膜
  • 提供已封裝與未封裝的版本

變形稜鏡組用於在一個方向擴展雷射光束,因此非常適用於將雷射二極體的橢圓形光束轉化為接近圓形。若將未安裝的變形稜鏡組以正確的方位進行安裝,可提供2:1 - 6:1的放大倍率。其設計波長為650nm,並針對600 - 1050nm的範圍採用廣波段抗反射 (BBAR) 鍍膜,可在635nm與670nm處提供出眾的效能。

The center of the output beam is displaced 5.9mm from center of the input beam in our mounted anamorphic prism pair. The Dovetail Accessory Mount allows it to rotate with respect to the laser, simplifying bench-top mounting. The C-Accessory Mount allows our full line of C-Mount components to be used in conjunction with the mounted anamorphic prism pair.


Typical Values
Magnification α1 α2 Vertical Separation (V) Beam Displacement (D)
2X -20.6° -6.5° 1.75mm 4.50mm
3X -29.7° -0.9° 2.56mm 5.45mm
4X -34.1° 2.1° 3.01mm 5.74mm
5X -37.4° 3.2° 3.33mm 6.15mm
6X -39.7° 4.0° 3.51mm 6.42mm

Beam Expander Mounting Configurations.

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