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Basler scout相機

  • 提供FireWire.b與Gigabit乙太網路連接
  • 具有小型堅固外罩,可輕鬆整合
  • 與GenICam、GigE Vision與EMVA 1288相容

Basler Scout系列可提供多種分辨率與速度。With their new Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) and FireWire.b interface technologies, these cameras are defined by state of the art technology that lets you get the maximum performance from each sensor. The Basler Scout family features a GenICam compliant API and uses new drivers. FireWire.b相機與Basler的既有BCAM驅動程式、Pylon SDK,以及FireWire相機的API相容。除了驅動程式外,我們還提供以GUI為基礎的軟體,使用者藉此可以輕鬆設定相機參數、調整影像品質,並從遠端電腦對相機進行控制。 Basler Scout cameras are a perfect fit for vision applications including semiconductor and component inspection, manufacturing quality control, food and beverage inspection, intelligent traffic systems, microscopy and medical imaging, and biometrics.

Note: Basler BCAM 1394 driver, Pylon SDK, FireWire cable (required for operation), and ¼-20 mounting adapter (#59-647) sold separately. Software can be downloaded for free. Power supply #59-655 and GigE Cable (both required for operation) sold separately for GigE cameras. Detachable wall cord (not shown) included with power supply.

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