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圓形偏光片 (CP42HE and CP42HER)

  • 穿透率超過42%
  • 提供薄膜或塑膠基材
  • 提供右向或左向設計

圓形偏光片 (CP42HE and CP42HER) 非常適用於減少多種成像應用中的眩光,或提高明亮環境中顯示的可見度。這些圓形偏光片對400 - 700nm範圍內的可見光具有出眾的穿透率。塑膠基材的耐用性更高,而薄膜基材具有更高的彈性,可進行裁切以因應應用的需求。此外還提供左向 (CP42HE) 與右向 (CP42HER) 偏振方向。

Immediate Custom Quotes Available

If you have a need for any round, square, or rectangular size of a Circular Polarizer (CP42HE and CP42HER) in dimensions between 3mm and 600mm, please visit our Polarizing Film Tool.  We’ll provide an immediate quote, and can deliver the part to your requested size in approximately 3 weeks.  A full list of standard manufacturing tolerances and restrictions are listed.  For fully customized polymer polarizers to your requirements, visit our Customized Polymer Polarizers Capabilities page.

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