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Digital Laser Photometer

  • Battery Powered for Portability
  • Adjustable Height Detector with Stand

This photometer offers four digital measurement scales from 20 microwatts to 20 milliwatts. Calibrated within 10% for 633nm He-Ne lasers. Selector switch range settings: 20μW, 200μW, 2mW, 20mW. It demodulates optical signals up to 10kHz and provides a DC analog output via standard banana jacks. The analog output can also connect to a chart recorder for monitoring or to an oscilloscope for time-dependent optical signals. Features: silicon photosensor, momentary on/off switch, zero offset, 3.5 digit LCD display, and 12" coil cable from detector head to display case. Stand includes 50mm diameter base and 165mm long post. Comes complete with storage container, removable metal optical stand, instruction manual, and batteries.

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