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愛特蒙特遠心度測試板 | Edmund Optics
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  • Critical Tool for Measurement Vision Systems
  • 校準任何類型的鏡頭
  • 提供大範圍的放大倍數

在測量成像系統固有的角度誤差大小時,遠心度是非常有用的測量方式。藉由確定遠心度,使用者可以計算成像系統的最大測量精度。此測試板可用於校準遠心與非遠心鏡頭中的遠心度。運用該測試板,梯形畸變將變為可見,並且可以使用軟體進行測量。Lenses from our 0.08X MVO® Telecentric Lens (#56-948) to the 5X Mitutoyo Telecentric Objective (#56-986), and any lens in between, including our high resolution Double Gauss lenses, VZM™ Zoom Lenses, and MVO® MMS® interchangeable lens system, can be calibrated or compared with this target.


  • Low Magnification (2 Alternating Frequencies):
    3 Lines, 2mm Thickness on 3mm Centers
    4 Lines, 0.1mm Thickness on 2mm Centers
  • Mid Magnification: 20 Lines, 0.1mm Thickness on 0.5mm Centers
  • High Magnification: 40 Lines, 0.1mm Thickness on 0.25mm Centers

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