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Handheld Calibrated Lux / Footcandle Meter

  • Certified and Traceable to NIST and NRC National Standards
  • 0 – 400,000 Lux and and 0 - 40,000 FC Switchable
  • Portable with Battery Included

The front light sensor contains a silicon photodiode with photopic and cosine correction. It has a diameter of 10mm and is angled 70° away from the display face. Unit features one-button operation with auto-ranging and autopower off after approximately 1 minute of downtime. User selectable switch located in battery compartment. Comes complete with soft protective carrying case for safe storage and transport. Backlit version available for taking measurements in dark environments.

Calibrations are performed by the vendor and are traceable to NIST and NRC National Standards. The photopic response of the calibrated sensor matches the CIE standard observer curve response to within 1% of the reading when using a standard tungsten source at 2856K. Calibration certificate included.

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