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  • 薄型設計
  • 精密測微尺驅動
  • Slide-Fit Guide System
  • 360°粗旋轉範圍,±5°總細旋轉範圍
  • Mechanically Compatible to Other TECHSPEC® Stages
  • Locking Screw on All Stages
  • 與100級(ISO 5)潔淨室相容

TECHSPEC®可旋轉調整臺提供平順的粗旋轉動作,並配備用於微調的精密測微尺驅動。這可實現在360°行程內快速旋轉並在任何位置進行精確的角度調整。調整臺位置可使用鎖定機構來固定。這些可旋轉調整臺提供下列四種不同直徑的頂板尺寸:30mm、40mm、70mm和125mm。每個調整臺皆提供英制或公制標準。Each stage is designed to integrate with TECHSPEC® components further enhancing flexibility and allowing the user to create any number of axes in different configurations. Bottom adapter plate, sold separately, is required to mount 30mm and 40mm stages to a standard breadboard; 70mm and 125mm stages will mount directly to the board.

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