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Fiber Optic Reflectance Sphere (1.5" Dia.), #58-583

Fiber Optic Reflectance Sphere (1.5 #63-023
  • 用於鏡面反射測量的光纖反射球
  • 裝電極杯的容器,用於液體或粉末樣本

分光儀配件極其適合多種光譜應用。光纖反射球可用來測量半球形或漫反射係數,或者用於決定樣本的抗紫外線效能、顏色或輻射熱傳遞。10mm裝電極杯的容器可支援測量穿透率、吸收度或熒光效能等,並具有三個SMA905連接頭以輸入並檢測光線。The reflectance probe illuminates via six 200μm fibers, and detects via one 200μm fiber.

Note: An additional fiber patch cord is not required. The 10mm cuvette holder enables measurement of transmission, absorption, or fluorescence, and has three SMA905 connections to input and detect light. The cuvette holder requires two fiber patch cords.

The fiber optic reflectance sphere can connect to spectrometers and light sources using fiber patch cords with its two SMA905 ports. The fiber optic reflectance sphere includes a specular included/excluded port that can be adjusted with hand to measure total or diffuse reflectance. The sphere is 1.5” in diameter and is incased in an anodized aluminum housing. The light input SMA905 port is located on the top of the sphere and is positioned 8° from normal, and a 400μm fiber patch cord is recommended. The output detection SMA905 port is located 90° from the 5/16” sample port to capture the integrated radiance from the sphere wall using a spectrometer, and a 600μm fiber patch cord is recommended. The sphere can be placed on top of a reference standard or sample with its sample port located at the bottom. Since reflectance readings are determined using comparison or reference method, additional calibration is not required. Color or Grayscale Standards and White Balance Reflectance Target are recommended as reference standards.

Note: Spectrometer, light source, fiber patch cord, and reference standard are sold separately and may be required to use with this product as a complete setup.

The cuvette holder is constructed with black-anodized aluminum and comes with a mounting plate with four 1/4" (0.25”) through holes. The cuvette holder is spring-loaded and can hold a standard cuvette with dimensions of 12.5 x 12.5mm that can be filled with liquid or powder samples resulting in an optical path length of 10 x 10mm. The cuvette holder features a total of three SMA905 ports, one for connecting to light source and two for spectrometers depending on applications with fiber patch cords. For transmission or absorption measurement, use the two pass-through SMA905 ports for light source and spectrometer. For fluorescence application, use the third 90° right angle port for the spectrometer. Each SMA905 port features built-in collimation and collection lenses for maximizing optical cross-section and are recommended with 0.22 NA fiber patch cords.

Note: Spectrometer, light source and fiber patch cord are sold separately and may be required to use with this product as a complete setup. Cuvette is not included.

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