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32mm Dia, Fixed Mounting Post for Zeiss Microscopes


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Regulatory Compliance

Certificate of Conformance:


  • 4.3:1 或 6.3:1 變倍比
  • 長工作距離
  • 可選三眼版本

Edmund E-Zoom 系列立體變焦顯微鏡以令人難以置信的價格提供了符合人因工程學設計和出色的性能。這些顯微鏡可以承受嚴苛的工廠產線環境考驗,也是實驗室或生產應用的理想選擇。堅固的外殼已被密封,以防止灰塵、油和水等污染物干擾顯微鏡的性能。同樣,獨特的設計可在高溫高濕環境下使用,無需擔心發霉問題。也可用於生產線的產品組裝或電子元件檢測,因為電力幾乎立即被耗散,可防止靜電釋放損壞敏感樣品。

有兩種變倍比可供選擇以增加靈活性。E-Zoom4 變倍比為4.3:1,放大倍率為0.7 ~ 3.0倍。E Zoom6 變倍比為6.3∶1,放大倍率為0.8 ~ 5.0倍。E-Zoom6V 的光學規格與標準 E-Zoom6 相同,但有一個帶 C接環的三眼接環,可與任何1/2英吋感測器的 C接環相機進行電子成像。每台顯微鏡包括一對內建屈光度調節的10倍目鏡,可以同時觀察樣品和分劃板(單獨出售)。

Two zoom ratios are available for increased flexibility. The E-Zoom4 features a 4.3:1 zoom ratio with a magnification range of 0.7X to 3.0X. The E Zoom6 features a 6.3:1 zoom ratio with a magnification range of 0.8X to 5.0X. The E-Zoom6V features the same optical specifications as the standard E-Zoom6, but with a trinocular port with C-Mount for electronic imaging with any 1/2" sensor C-Mount cameras. Each microscope includes a pair of 10X eyepieces with built-in diopter adjustment, allowing simultaneous viewing of the sample and reticle (sold separately).


Microscope Working Distance
WF 10X Eyepieces
WF 15X Eyepieces
WF 20X Eyepieces
E-Zoom4 97mm 7.0X to 30X 25.7 to 6.0mm 11X to 45X 20.0 to 4.7mm 14X to 60X 15.7 to 3.7mm
  With 0.5X Supplemental Lens 160mm 3.5X to 15X 51.4 to 12.0mm 5.2X to 23X 40.0 to 9.4mm 7.0X to 30X 31.4 to 7.4mm
  With 2.0X Supplemental Lens 50mm 15X to 60X 12.8 to 3.0mm 21X to 90X 10.0 to 2.3mm 28X to 120X 7.9 to 1.8mm
E-Zoom6 115mm 8.0X to 50X 27.5 to 4.4mm 12X to 75X 20.0 to 3.2mm5 16X to 100X 15.6 to 2.5mm
  With 0.5X Supplemental Lens 211mm 4.0X to 25X 55.0 to 8.8mm 6.0X to 38X 40.0 to 6.4mm 8.0X to 50X 31.2 to 5.0mm
  With 2.0X Supplemental Lens 43.5mm 16X to 100X 13.8 to 2.2mm 24X to 150X 10.0 to 1.6mm 32X to 200X 7.8 to 1.3mm

Example Build List for E-Zoom6V Microscope Camera System
Description Stock No.
E-Zoom6V Head and 10X Eyepieces (with C-Mount Camera Adapter) #33-198
Rack & Pinion Focusing Mount #33-195
Ball Bearing Boom Stand #54-121
32mm Fixed Column for Boom Stand #55-618
Your choice of Camera and Lighting* N/A

*Choose your preferred Camera (such as Microscopy Camera), additional Lighting (such as Microscopy Lighting) and other optional components from our wide selection to complete a video microscope system for industrial inspection or life science application. These are sold separately. Additional connection cables and/or external power supply may be required.

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