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Imaging Resource Guide

TECHSPEC Imaging Lenses

Whether your application is in machine vision, the life sciences, security, or traffic solutions, understanding the fundamentals of imaging technology significantly eases the development and deployment of sophisticated imaging systems. That’s why we’re sharing our knowledge and insights to help you specify an imaging system while maximizing performance and minimizing cost.


第2部份: 瞭解鏡頭規格

第3部份: 瞭解鏡頭設計限制

第4部份: 鏡頭實際效能

第5部份: 遠心度與視差

第6部份: 進階設計概念

第7部份: 了解鏡頭配件

第8部份: 液態透鏡

第9部份: 濾光片技術


第11部份: 相機

第12部份: 照明

第13部份: 測試板


Free training videos with imaging and illumination tips and tricks.

Join Gregory Hollows as he compares an EO fixed focal length lens to a leading competitor lens and see for yourself how EO performs.


The success of your machine vision application depends on the quality of your optics. Our interactive lab report answers the question, "Do optics matter?"


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