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    Focal Length FL (mm)
    Primary Magnification PMAG
    Maximum Sensor Format
    Working Distance (mm)

    Fixed Magnification Lenses

    Fixed Magnification Lenses are used to provide a fixed degree of magnification for imaging applications such as factory inspection or microscopy. Fixed Magnification Lenses are imaging lenses that feature fixed image magnifications. Fixed Magnification Lenses allow small or unclear objects to easily be viewed. Fixed Magnification Lenses are simple, easy-to-use options for imaging applications that do not require multiple image magnifications.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Fixed Magnification Lenses suited for many imaging needs, including a range of fixed magnification microscope objectives. Many Fixed Magnification Lenses feature longer working distances than many other imaging lenses, providing additional versatility when examining specific objects. Fixed Magnification Lenses are ideal for many general imaging needs or in applications that do not require multiple magnifications. Without the need for additional adjustment, these lenses ease system implementation or setup. A wide selection of magnifications is available to fit any number of imaging or image magnification needs.



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