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IBS Laser Line Mirrors

Laser Optics

IBS Laser Line Mirrors are coated through an ion beam sputtering process to achieve reflectivity up to 99.99% and high laser damage thresholds greater than laser line mirrors coated with traditional coating techniques. This precision coating process provides IBS Laser Line Mirrors with extremely low absorption, exceptionally low scatter, and ultimate durability for a long lifetime. Additionally, the dense IBS coatings cause these high performance laser line mirrors to have little sensitivity to environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature.

Edmund Optics has an industry leading Veeco SPECTOR® Ion Beam Sputtering System onsite which provides exceptional layer thickness control and enhanced process stability over coating characteristics. This system makes it possible for our IBS Low Loss Laser Line Mirrors to achieve reflectivity close to 99.99% while maintaining high laser damage thresholds, essential for demanding laser applications that require maximum reflectivity. Please contact us if your application requires an IBS Laser Line Mirror with a custom size or design wavelength.

IBS 雷射光反射鏡

IBS 雷射光反射鏡
  • IBS 反射鏡鍍膜提供低損耗及高反射率
  • 在 DWL 保證提供高達 15 J/cm2(在 1064nm 情況下)的高雷射損傷閾值
  • 提供超拋光基材,具備百萬分點等級的散射效能
  • 於公司內部製造,可提供客製尺寸或鍍膜規格



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