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Accessories for Advanced Illumination LEDs

24V Power Supply with Tinned Leads, #66-855

24V Power Supply with Tinned Leads, #66-855 #89-555 #86-887
  • Accessories Compatible with Advanced Illumination LED Lights
  • 24V 1.67A Output Current Regulated Universal Input Switching Power Supply
  • Manual Intensity Adjustment Boxes for Simple or Precise Intensity Control

The 24V 1.67A DC output current regulated universal switching power supply (#66-855) is for use with Advanced Illumination (AI) LED Lights. The power supply runs on 110-220V AC and features power indicator and tinned leads marked positive and negative with wire nuts for easy connection. For all AI in-line current control lights, the brown wire is positive and the blue wire is negative.

The Industrial DIN Mountable Intensity Adjustment box (compatible with many Advanced Illumination products) features detended 30-position dial knob and exhibits good linearity as a finer and more precise intensity control option. The built-in DIN-Rail for easy industrial mounting and flip-up cover for preventing accidental change to the dial knob make it a suitable solution for industrial settings. It is connected between the AI LED Lights and the 24V Power Supply. It is compatible with AI LED Lights with both flying leads wiring and M12.

With the exception of #11-024, the precision and linearity of intensity adjustment may be limited if the current draw of AI LED Lights is less than 170mA.

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