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Optical Mounts

Optical Mounts are used to mount or position optical components including optical filters, optical lenses, prisms, polarizers, or laser assemblies for a range of optical applications. Optics Mounts are mounting components that use a number of securing methods such as bar, ring, kinematic, or gimbal to safely hold optical components without risk of damage or unwanted movement. Optical Mounts are essential additions to any optical system or application by providing the means to position components for effective implementation.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Optical Mounts suited for many mounting needs. Optical Mounts provide a wide selection of different mounting options that grant significant customization potential for any optical application. The variety of Optical Mounts offered by Edmund Optics eases system setup or component integration. Many Optical Mounts are available in both English as well as metric varieties to increase compatibility with a range of optical breadboards or lab tables.

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