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Polarization Optics - Polarizer - Polarizing Filters
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    Linear Polarizers Linear Polarizers
    • Turn Randomly Polarized Light into Linearly Polarized Light
    Circular Polarizers Circular Polarizers
    • Turn Randomly Polarized Light into Circularly Polarized Light
    Depolarizers Depolarizers
    • Turn Polarized Light into Non-Polarized Light
    Waveplates and Retarders Waveplates and Retarders
    • Modify the Polarization of Transmitted Light Without Beam Displacement
    Polarization Testing Polarization Testing
    • Tools that Test for Polarization
    Polarizer Optomechanics Polarizer Optomechanics
    • Mounts and Holders Ideal for Polarizers

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    Polarization components are used in imaging applications to reduce glare or hot spots, enhance contrast, or to perform stress evaluations. Polarization can also be used to measure changes in magnetic fields, temperature, molecular structures, chemical interactions, or acoustic vibrations. Polarizers are used to transmit a specific polarization state while blocking all others. Polarized light can have linear, circular, or elliptical polarization.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of dichroic, crystalline, and wire grid polarizers. Dichroic polarizers offer an excellent price to performance ratio and are available with large apertures. Crystalline Polarizers are ideal for laser applications due to their mix of high extinction ratios with high damage thresholds. Wire Grid Polarizers, which are ideal for broadband applications, utilize an array of microscopic wires to selectively transmit P-Polarized light while reflecting S-Polarized light. S-Polarized light is perpendicular to the plane of incidence, while P-Polarized light is parallel. Edmund Optics also offers a wide range of zero and multiple order waveplates, as well as more specialized polarization rotators and Fresnel Rhombs

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