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10X Macro Video Imaging System

These systems package our 10X close-focus manual zoom lens with a camera and mounting components to provide a complete vision system. This package provides the most economical and versatile solution to a variety of applications. This system offers fields of view from 7.8mm to 280mm on a ½" format sensor. At its minimum working distance of 152mm, the lens will zoom from a 75mm field of view down to 7.8mm.

The lens includes locking thumb screws for both the focus and zoom rings for repeatability. The lens also has a recessed set screw for locking the iris in position. The iris will allow for control of the depth of field and amount of light collected by the camera. The system is available with the Hitachi KP-D20B color camera or the EO-3112C USB camera. The 24" vertical post and ring mount allows the lens to be mounted at any specified working distance.

If front illumination is required, the fluorescent ring illuminator and adapter (#53-680) can be used. System available without a monitor for computer integration.


Note: Zoom range values are specified in the table using a ½" sensor camera. System magnification is given for a 15.1" monitor.

Primary Magnification 0.82X to 0.085X 0.51X to 0.051X 0.38X to 0.038X 0.23X to 0.023X
System Magnification 39.3X to 4.1X 24.4X to 2.4X 18.2X to 1.8X 11X to 1.1X
Working Distance 152mm (min) 225mm 300mm 457mm (max)
Field of View (horiz) 7.8mm to 75mm 12.5mm to 125mm 17mm to 170mm 28mm to 280mm
Resolution in Object Space 28.5 to 3.17 lp/mm 20.16 to 1.59 lp/mm 12.7 to 1.12 lp/mm 8.0 to 0.89 lp/mm
Item Analog System Includes 1.3MP Digital System Includes 3.1MP Digital System Includes 5MP Digital System Includes
Stock No. Stock No. Stock No. Stock No.
Close Focus Zoom Lens #54-363 #54-363 #54-363 #54-363
Monochrome Camera #83-769 #63-848
Color Camera #55-837 #83-770 #59-367 #59-368
Ring Mount #56-547 #56-547 #56-547 #56-547
Workstation Base #53-009 #53-009 #53-009 #53-009
18" Horizontal Arm #39-354 #39-354 #39-354 #39-354
90° Angle Mount #39-355 #39-355 #39-355 #39-355
24" Vertical Post #52-100 #52-100 #52-100 #52-100
Y-C Cable (6 ft.) #39-255


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