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TECHSPEC C 接口至 DIN 物鏡環接口

  • 整合顯微鏡物鏡,建立數位顯微鏡系統
  • 採用公 C 螺紋及母 RMS (DIN) 螺紋
  • 採用黑色陽極電鍍鋁

TECHSPEC® C-Mount to Objective Adapters are used to integrate microscope objectives into C-Mount systems. These adapters are designed for multiple thread types, including female RMS (DIN) thread and Nikon M25 x 0.75 thread. A black anodized finish increases the durability of these adapters, while also reducing stray light and reflections. TECHSPEC C-Mount to Objective Ring Adapters can be used to construct digital microscope systems through the integration of microscope objectives.


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