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  • 僅在單一方向聚焦光線
  • 設計可最大限度減小球面像差與色像差
  • 非常適用於建立廣波域光源的光線輪廓

TECHSPEC® 消色差柱面透鏡的設計與功能類似於標準柱面透鏡,此外還提供減小成像平面上的球面像差與色像差這項受益。若與單色光源 (例如雷射二極體) 搭配使用,消色差柱面透鏡建立的光斑會小50 - 90% (視透鏡的數值孔徑而定)。若與廣波域光源搭配使用,這些透鏡可最大限度減小色像差 (從而產生分色更少的聚焦光線),或產生明亮的變形影像。

Positive cylindrical lenses are ideal for applications requiring magnification in only one dimension. While spherical lenses focus an incident ray symmetrically, cylindrical lenses act in the same manner but in only one dimension. Typical applications include line generation with laser diodes, focusing a diverging beam onto a linear detector array or using a pair of cylindrical lenses to collimate and circularize the output of a laser diode.

An achromatic cylinder lens is a type of doublet lens consisting of a positive low-index (crown) element and a negative high-index (flint) element cemented together. The two materials are designed to work together to reduce spherical and chromatic aberrations. The additional design freedom provided by using a doublet design allows for further optimization of performance. Therefore, an achromatic lens will have noticeable advantages over a comparable diameter and focal length singlet lens.



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