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Coherent® High Performance Diode Laser Systems

  • CW and Pulsed Up to 150 MHz
  • GUI Software Interface
  • Analog Modulation and Variable Power Control
  • USB and RS-232 Control
  • Available with Permanent Fiber Attachment & Polarization Maintaining Single Mode Fiber

These Coherent high-performance, full-featured diode laser systems, deliver the most power, stability and performance—in the smallest package—with the best value. It can be operated as a CW laser or be digitally modulated up to 150 MHz with a TTL source. Laser output power can be adjusted under CW and pulsed operation either through RS-232, USB or the BNC analog input on the control box. Included with each laser is full-featured interface software, which displays how long the laser has been in use, the actual laser output power and the diode and baseplate temperature. Users can also set laser diode mode of operation (CW or pulsed) as well as the laser output power. Every system ships with a full-feature cable, which allows access and control to all laser capabilities. A compact 6V supply, a control box for safety features, USB cable and software to drive the laser are also included. Optional Heat Sink includes exhaust fan and mounting hardware. Typical applications include Flow Cytometry, Confocal Microscopy, Microarrays, Genomics, Proteomics, Medical Diagnosis, and Environmental Monitoring.

Digital Modulation

  • Maximum Bandwidth: 150 MHz
  • Rise or Fall Time (10% to 90%): <2ns
  • Modulation Depth (Extinction Ratio): >1,000,000:1 at 0 Hz, >250:1 at 150 MHz

Analog Modulation

  • Maximum Bandwidth: 350 kHz
  • Rise or Fall Time (10% to 90%): <1μsec
  • Modulation Depth (Extinction Ratio): >10,000:1


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