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Dual Band Laser Line Mirrors

  • >99% Reflectivity at Design Wavelengths
  • 10-5 Surface Quality for Reduced Scatter in Sensitive Laser Applications
  • 532/1064nm or 635-670/1064nm Wavelength Bands
  • TECHSPEC® Nd:YAG Laser Line Mirrors Also Available

TECHSPEC® Dual Band Laser Line Mirrors feature high reflectivity, excellent surface quality, and precision surface flatness to minimize scattering effects. Each coating design has been tested to ensure a high laser damage threshold for compatibility with pulsed laser systems. These fused silica substrate laser mirrors have excellent thermal stability and are available in a variety of standard sizes. TECHSPEC® Dual Band Laser Line Mirrors are ideal for beam steering applications in both laboratory and OEM laser systems. These mirrors are available in a 532/1064nm and 635-670/1064nm dual band coating options for Nd:YAG lasers and red and green guide beams.

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