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English Prism Mounts

#53-027 + Cube Beamsplitter
#53-026 Rotary Mount Table

#53-027 + Cube Beamsplitter

#53-026 Rotary Mount Table

  • Easily Secure Prisms or Cube Beamsplitters
  • 針對光學元件可調範圍高達55mm
  • 旋轉版本提供360° 手動旋轉

This Prism Holder features a steel post and anodized aluminum arm which eliminates obstructions in the optical path while still maintaining a secure position on the optic. Ideal for prisms and cube beamsplitters with a maximum height of 55mm, this prism mount features a V-cut clamp made of scratch resistant Delrin® to prevent damage to optics. The Prism Holder is also available as a complete assembly with the Rotary Optic Mount, which allows smooth manual 360° rotation of the prism. Locking knob keeps prism securely positioned for increased repeatability.


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