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Fiber Optic Alignment Mounts

  • FC Fiber Connection
  • 可在X與Y軸方向精細平移
  • Both Standard and Micrometer Versions Available
  • 提供可選的萬向俯仰版本

These fiber alignment mounts can translate (in both X and Y-axes) optical fibers terminating in an FC connection. Useful for telecom positioning purposes and for aligning our FC Optical Fiber Patchcords, they feature ±1.5mm travel in both the X and Y-axis. Micrometer versions feature 2.5 micron resolution. Gimbal tilt version has a ±2 degree adjustable angle range about both the X and Y-axis. Posts and Post Holders are required for mounting to a breadboard. Durable anodized aluminum construction.


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