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系列ID系列ID用於識別產品系列介紹,使得用戶利用搜索功能就能快速訪問介紹頁面。 #1935


  • 提供從5mm直徑到250mm方形的尺寸
  • 低散射損失
  • 具有均勻研磨的表面,可產生均勻漫射
  • Fused Silica Substrates Available

磨砂玻璃擴散片由高容差、高品質的磨砂玻璃製成,因此非常適用於多種工業應用。The float glass substrate has excellent visible transmission and is ideal for general diffusing applications. A 120-grit or 220-grit (as noted) sandblast is used to create a diffuse surface on the glass. Undergoing two orthogonal passes during this sandblast process yields even diffusion across the surface. The scattering is a compromise of low scatter loss and medium diffusion. Typical applications include use in screens, illuminator diffusion, and targets.

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Diffuser Transmission
Diffuser Transmission
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