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照明級 PCV(平凹) 柱面透鏡

TECHSPEC® Illumination Grade PCV Cylinder Lenses

TECHSPEC® Illumination Grade PCV Cylinder Lenses
  • Cylinder Lenses Ideal for 1 Dimensional Laser Beam Convergence
  • Circular and Rectangular Form Factors
  • Multiple Coating Options Available

照明級 PCV(平凹) 柱面透鏡常用於將准直雷射光源轉化為光線產生器。PCV與照明級 PCX(平凸) 柱面透鏡可搭配用於光束擴束器應用。

The thin lens approximation for the length of a line generated by a negative cylinder lens is: L = 2 * (r0/f) * (z + f) where L is the line length, r0 is half the beam diameter, z is the projection distance, and -f is the focal length of the lens.

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