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InfiniProbe™ MS可變放大倍率鏡頭

InfiniProbe MS Variable Magnification Lens, #89-965

  • 放大倍率範圍是0 - 4倍,聚焦範圍從無限遠到16mm
  • 採用C接口,涵蓋最大1"的傳感器
  • 高分辨率,低畸變
  • InfiniProbe TS-160微距鏡頭具有相同的強大功能

The InfiniProbe™ MS Variable Magnification Lens is a compact, all-in-one solution for on-the-go microscopy applications. Optimized for 1" sensors, the InfiniProbe™ MS Variable Magnification Lens provides high resolution, low distortion images to a variety of forensic, industrial, and biological applications, including entomological microscopy. Additionally, the C-mount compatible design can be used to turn most machine vision, scientific-grade, or DSLR cameras into portable, in-the-field digital microscopy systems.


InfiniProbe™ MS Variable Magnification Lens (#89-965)
  Working Distance Magnification Field of View, 1" Sensor
With Extender 1 18mm 3.0X 4.3mm
30mm 2.0X 6.4mm
42mm 1.5X 8.5mm
68mm 1.0X 12.8mm
90mm 0.75X 17.1mm
144mm 0.5X 25.6mm
300mm 0.25X 51.2mm
With Extender 2 16mm 4X 3.2mm
22mm 3X 4.3mm
38mm 2X 6.4mm
52mm 1.5X 8.5mm
85mm 1X 12.8mm
114mm 0.75X 17.1mm
175mm 0.5X 25.6mm
378mm 0.25X 51.2mm
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