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OD 2 高通濾光片

  • 明確的穿透波長
  • 高效的阻隔/穿透
  • Precision Fused Silica Substrate

我們推出的TECHSPEC® OD 2 高通濾光片經過精心設計,可明確區分反射與穿透,因此成為多種應用的理想選擇。這些濾光片可用於多種穿透波長,其設計符合螢光與排序選擇應用的需求。Eliminate stray light by creating custom bandpass filters when combined with our TECHSPEC® OD 2 Shortpass Filters. A single layer AR coating on the back surface enhances the overall efficiency of each filter.

Our OD 2 longpass filters are available in a number of kit configurations. Visible filter kits are available in 25nm increments (featuring 14 filters) or 50nm increments (featuring 7 filters). NIR Kits are available in 50nm increments (featuring 8 filters). All filter kits are available in 12.5, 25, and 50mm diameters.


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