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系列ID系列ID用於識別產品系列介紹,使得用戶利用搜索功能就能快速訪問介紹頁面。 #1917

Optical Cast Plastic Color Filters

  • Highest Transmission and Lowest Haze of Available Transparent Plastics
  • At Least 25-50 Times Greater Abrasion Resistance than Similar Plastics
  • Resistant to All Types of Chemicals and Solvents (Acetone, Acids, Alkali and Alcohols)
  • 具有出眾的耐熱性
  • Resistant to Pits from Hot Sparks Resulting from Welding or Grinding Processes
  • 可使用高速碳化物鑽頭輕鬆鑽孔,以進行安裝

Traditionally, the limitations of plastic materials have made them unsuitable for demanding optical applications. However, advancement in plastic technology has produced filters with properties that can satisfy a variety of optical and environmental needs—and at half the weight of glass. Ideal for use as environmental displays and filters. Thermoset ADC is also available in custom sizes, shapes, colors, and styles for qualified high volume OEM applications.

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