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  • English & Metric Post Holders
  • 英制:¼-20底座
  • 公制:M6 x 1底座
  • 獨特的3點接觸設計
  • 鋁質,具有黃銅插入件

Post Holders have a unique 3-point contact design that inherently centers our TECHSPEC® Metric Stainless Steel Mounting Posts more accurately. The three contact pads run the entire inside length of each holder, thus ensuring a more accurate fit with our Posts. Additionally, three tapped holes allow thumbscrew orientation without removing the Post Holder from the breadboard table, base plate, or other fixture. Post hole depth is Post Holder length less 0.25” (6.35mm). Thread values are laser engraved on each Post Holder for quick integration. Locking thumbscrew included.


#68-233 English Post Kit
Description Qty Stock No.
Post Holder, 1" Length 1 #58-976
Post Holder, 1.5" Length 1 #58-977
Post Holder, 2" Length 2 #58-978
Post Holder, 3" Length 2 #58-979
Post Holder, 4" Length 1 #58-980
Post Holder, 6" Length 1 #58-981
#68-234 Metric Post Kit
Description Qty Stock No.
Post Holder, 25.4mm Length 1 #58-970
Post Holder, 38.1mm Length 1 #58-971
Post Holder, 50.8mm Length 2 #58-972
Post Holder, 76.2mm Length 2 #58-973
Post Holder, 101.6mm Length 1 #58-974
Post Holder, 152.4mm Length 1 #58-975

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