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#53-038 Jaw Clamp
#53-039 6


#53-038 Jaw Clamp

#53-039 6" Kinematic Mount

  • 單獨夾持調整配件(¼-20)或動態框架
  • Accepts up to 4-¼" Diameters
  • 動態角度分辨率高

An affordable self-centering jaw clamp for use with components up to 4-¼" Dia. Mounted alone on the ¼-20 tapped hole in the base, or to the 6" kinematic frame, the jaw clamp precisely centers your components without the danger of warping them with clumsy edge clips. The kinematic mount has an angled base, to allow fastening by either ¼-20 cap screws or un-fastened for stand-alone use. Locking screw allows jaw position to be fixed to secure against accidental movement. Mount features precise kinematic pivot movement (two-axis tilt) with orthogonal three-point suspension. Adjustment is made by three 64 pitch screws. Construction is black anodized aluminum.

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