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Two separate illuminator specific series are available—they are not interchangeable. Please note that longer lengths tend not to be self-supporting. We recommend comparison with the Hybrid series to meet your length needs. Light guide adapters needed to mate with fiber optic illuminators.

The correct adapter will depend on the tip diameter of the light guide. For most illuminator models, use #38-946 with single branch light guides and #38-947 with dual branch light guides.


Type Fiber Bundle Dia. Ø Length Dimensions Semi-Rigid Light Guide Stock No.
Single Branch 0.186" 18" 0.562" 0.500" #54-209
Single Branch 0.186" 23" 0.562" 0.500" #54-210
Dual Branch 0.281" 18" 0.625" 0.500" #54-211
Dual Branch 0.281" 23" 0.625" 0.500" #54-212


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