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T-Mount Component Kit

A complete set of 48mm O.D. (T-mount) mechanical components with a case for safe storage. Ideal for mounting 12.5mm or 25mm diameter optics. Set includes common items needed for prototyping and constructing basic optical instruments. Case is labeled for each item. Works well with 25mm Dia. Optics kits.


List of Components Quantity Stock No.
25mm Simple Lens Mount 2 #52-292
25mm Achromat Mount 2 #52-293
12.5mm Simple Lens Mount 2 #52-933
12.5mm Achromat Mount 2 #52-954
10mm Extension Tube 4 #52-294
25mm Extension Tube 2 #52-295
100mm Extension Tube 1 #52-296
Fine Thread Focus Tube 1 #52-300
Iris Diaphragm 1 #52-299
Microscope Objective Mount 1 #52-301
Microscope Eyepiece Mount 1 #52-302
Double Female Thread Ring 1 #52-297
Double Male Thread Ring 1 #52-298
Ring Mount 1 #52-304
T-Mount to C-Mount Adapter 1 #88-956


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