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翻轉 - 傾斜調整臺

TECHSPEC® Tip-Tilt Stages

TECHSPEC® Tip-Tilt Stages 30mm Micrometer Tilt Stage 70mm Micrometer Tilt Stage 125mm Micrometer Tilt Stage
  • 提供公制和英制孔型型號
  • 兩軸傾斜控制(動態運動
  • 精密測微尺驅動
  • Mechanically Compatible to Other TECHSPEC® Stages

特別適合光學組件與安裝柱。Our TECHSPEC® Tip-Tilt Stages are available in three different stage sizes from 30mm square to 70mm square. Each size is offered in Metric or English hole pattern versions and features precision micrometer movement for movement repeatability. Each stage is designed to integrate with TECHSPEC® components further enhancing flexibility and allowing the user to create any number of axes in different configurations. Bottom adapter plate, sold separately, is required to mounting 30mm and 40mm stages to a standard breadboard.

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