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Varifocal Imaging Lenses

Varifocal Imaging Lenses 5mm-50mm FL, Varifocal Video Lens, #55-256 20mm-100mm FL, Varifocal Video Lens, #58-440 1.8mm-3.6mm FL, Varifocal Video Lens, #55-254
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  • C和CS接環鏡頭

可變焦距鏡頭對先前需要多個定焦鏡頭的應用提供彈性的解決方案。只需透過指示的焦距範圍調整來獲得所需視場,然後設定焦點以獲得最佳圖像。Due to the variable focal length range, varifocal lenses are also known as vari-focal, variable-focus, or multi-focal lenses. Varifocal lenses can select the focal length within the specified range like zoom lenses, but unlike a zoom lens focus adjustment is needed after setting of the focal length. 它們具備不同、簡化的光學和機械設計,比變焦鏡頭更具成本效益。The focal length adjustment is typically a middle or rear assembly of elements that slides back and forth, whereas the separate focus adjustment is typically a front cell movement.

#57-680 is a high resolution, low distortion lens for MegaPixel cameras.

注意: CS接環鏡頭與C接口相機不相容。

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