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Violet Alignment Laser Diode

Violet Alignment Laser Diode

  • TTL 調變最高 10kHz
  • 圓形光束輪廓
  • 可調整焦距

Violet Alignment Laser Diodes are ideal for alignment and sensing applications. Available with output power options ranging from 1 to 10mW, these lasers are commonly integrated into visual-based systems or monochromatic vision systems. Because monochromatic vision systems are typically illuminated with green or red lights, a 405nm alignment laser can be easily filtered out without affecting the system’s illumination. These lasers feature simple operation due to the integrated optics and electronics and are easily powered via a 5VDC source. Violet Alignment Laser Diodes feature an external focusing mechanism and accept interchangeable projection heads.

Note: Power supply and mounting bracket sold separately.

紫外線對準雷射二極體適用於對準及感測應用。這類雷射提供 1 至 10mW 的輸出功率選項,普遍整合至視覺型系統或單色視覺系統。由於單色視覺系統一般是以綠光或紅光照明,因此可輕鬆濾出 405nm的對準雷射,不會影響系統照明。這類雷射操作簡 單,其中整合光學及電子元件,並可透過 5VDC 電源輕鬆供電。紫外線對準雷射二極體具有外部對焦機制,能搭配使用可互換的投影頭。


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