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25mm Extension Tube M45 x 0.75 | Edmund Optics
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25mm Extension Tube M45 x 0.75

Lens + Modular Focus Tube + Basler Line Scan Camera

Lens + Modular Focus Tube + Basler Line Scan Camera

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Lens Accessory

Regulatory Compliance



  • 支援大片幅傳感器
  • Several Camera Adapter Options Available
  • 非常適用於線掃描相機
  • Close Focus Distance

這些高分辨率鏡頭最初設計為放大鏡,可容納大小至少為1"的傳感器,因此成為線掃描相機的絕佳選擇。This unmatched adaptability, combined with low distortion and constant resolution over the entire viewable field, makes Rodagon lenses optimal for close focus applications for which they consistently yield higher magnifications and better resolution than standard fixed focal length lenses. This makes them ideal for use with high-resolution cameras.

這些鏡頭採用M39 x 1/26"的底座接環 。每個鏡頭都隨附單獨的底座安裝環(replacement rings also available separately),可藉此安裝至模組化聚焦管 (MFT)。鏡頭聚焦及連接至標準相機接口時,需要使用MFT。MFT隨附C接口轉接器,但是可以使用F接口、T接口 (M42 x 0.75)、SLR接口 (M42 x1.0) 及M72 x 0.75接口的相機轉接器 (每種轉接器皆另售)。若工作距離更近,可以新增加長筒(see "Working With Spacers" specification table); values should be used for reference only; 對於M72相機,請選擇#57-791,對於所有其他相機,請選擇#56-965


若要與相機搭配使用,請將C接口轉接器 (隨附) 安裝至聚焦管,或者使用F接口、T接口、SLR或M72轉接器 (每種轉接器皆另售)。更大的範圍 (全程25mm) 可支援一系列工作距離,而無需間隔環。藉由精確的設計,鏡頭在聚焦期間可保持居中且不可旋轉的狀態。已隨附鎖定螺釘。

Please contact Applications Engineering for assistance in properly configuring this lens for your application.


Working with Spacers: Using Modular Focus and C-Mount Adapter #14-707 and #14-708
Focal Length 25mm of Spacers 50mm of Spacers 75mm of Spacers
WD FOV* System Mag** WD FOV* System Mag** WD FOV* System Mag**
28mm min
35mm min 26mm 4mm 66.0X
max 44mm 7.3mm 36.2X
50mm min 78mm 7.4mm 35.7X 56mm 4.7mm 56.2X
max 155mm 17.3mm 15.3X 77mm 7.4mm 35.7X
60mm min 153mm 12.7mm 20.8X 99mm 7.0mm 37.7X 78mm 4.9mm 53.9X
max 655mm 64.7mm 4.1X 153mm 12.7mm 20.8X 99mm 7.0mm 37.7X
80mm min 580mm 41.9mm 6.3X 226mm 13.9mm 19.0X 156mm 8.3mm 31.8X
max 4.4° N/A 580.5mm 41.9mm 6.3X 226mm 13.9mm 19.0X
105mm min 974mm 54.0mm 4.9X 377mm 18.1mm 14.6X
max 3.4° N/A 974mm 54.0mm 4.9X
135mm min 2128mm 95.4mm 2.8X
max 2.6° N/A

*FOV (Field of View) calculated horizontally for ½" sensor format
**System Magnification specified for ½" sensor format and 13" monitor
† No Image Possible with This Length of Spacers

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