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4.5mW 655nm Circular, Premier Laser Diode

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注意: 本項目需要搭配配件使用 | 進一步瞭解
Wavelength (nm):
Output Power (mW):
Output Power Tolerance (%):
Beam Size at Nearest Focus (μm):
Beam Diameter (mm):
Beam Divergence (mrad):
Focus Range:
20mm - ∞
Diameter (mm):
Electrical Leads/ Pin Connections:
red (+V), black (-), yellow (Vcontrol), green/yellow (case)
Laser Class - CDRH:
Laser Class - IEC:
Length (mm):
Mean Time To Failures MTTF @ 25° (hours):
Modulation Frequency (kHz):
DC to 300kHz (at 95% modulation depth to -3dB)
Operating Current (mA):
Operating Temperature (°C):
-10 to +55
Operating Voltage (V):
5 DC ±5%
Output Type:
Free Space
Pointing Accuracy (mrad):
Pointing Stability (mrad/°C):
Pointing Stability after Warm Up (mrad/°C):
Power Stability (%):
Type of Laser:
Wavelength Stability (nm/°C):
Wavelength Tolerance (nm):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 205:


  • Stable Output
  • 真正的開/關脈衝控制
  • 線性幅度或時間調變
  • Low Power Consumption
  • EMC/ESD Shielded
  • Focusable

This new design uses advanced circuits and components to eliminate unwanted variations in output. A single input allows the light intensity to be set using a simple resistor or voltage source. The output can be modulated rapidly with any arbitrary waveform. The module contains an industrial quality laser diode with built-in monitoring photodiode. An efficient processor controlled driver circuit is fully protected and matched to the diode. The stable adjustable focus lens mounting and case is electrically isolated from the electronics. A 4-way connector provides supply, control, and shielding inputs. Meet IEC60825 certification, in accordance with CDRH. Applications include: vision systems, telemetry, sensors, laboratory testing, and dynamic lighting.

A power supply, sold separately, is required for operation. We recommend
#59-099 5V Universal Power Supply.

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