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Mitutoyo Filter Holder | Edmund Optics
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Mitutoyo Filter Holder

Mitutoyo Filter Holder, #56-993

Mitutoyo Filter Holder, #56-993

Stock #56-993
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Diameter of Compatible Optics (mm):
Length (mm):
Mounting Threads:
M26 x 36 TPI (Male and Female)
Outer Diameter (mm):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 205:


  • 相機延伸環允許整合C接頭相機
  • 轉接頭可簡化MT-1和MT-2成像鏡頭的整合
  • 可與C接口或RMS螺紋元件連接

Accessories and Adapters for Mitutoyo Objectives are designed to ease the integration of Mitutoyo Objectives and tube lenses with C-mount cameras and systems. The C-Mount camera extension tube features a M26 x 36 TPI female thread and a C-mount male thread, and is designed to easily connect an objective and tube lens to a C-mount camera. The extension tube provides the 152.5mm of length that is required to generate a focused image on the camera sensor when used with the MT-4 or MT-40 tube lenses.

The MT-1/MT-2 and MT-L/MT-L4 C-mount adapters are two-piece assemblies with male and female C-mount threading. The adapters enclose the tube lenses for easy integration into C-mount threaded systems. Filters, beamsplitters and other optical components can be integrated between the objective and tube lens. Use the 10mm Mitutoyo to C-mount adapter to connect infinity corrected objectives to the MT-1/MT-2 and MT-L/MT-L4 C-mount adapter or other C-mount components.

Note: When using Mitutoyo objectives with RMS components, use only devices designed for similar conjugates. 必須移除四個凹頭帽螺釘,才能將成像鏡筒置入 Mitutoyo MT-1/MT-2 及 MT-L/MT-L4 C 接口轉接器。

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