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Pinhole Adapter Accessory for 9.5mm Diameter Pinholes (A)

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Adapter Brackets & Plates

Regulatory Compliance



  • Two Micro Sizes Available
  • 提供具有覆蓋滑軌的版本
  • Three Travel Selections
  • 提供X、XY及XYZ軸型號

These stages are a dimensional breakthrough and the smallest positioners available today. Positive spring loaded carriage provides precise, smooth motion with no backlash. Straight line accuracy under 2 microns. Features fine 80 TPI lead screw drive. The larger series, Stage Size B, are for longer travel, higher load applications. Fully metric compatible clearance holes. Covered Rail versions are slightly wider, but offer protection for the guide rails. Accessories allow for mounting our precision pinholes for spatial filtering applications. Anodized aluminum construction with stainless rails.



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