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Set of 4, Spectralon® White and Grayscale Diffuse Reflectance Standards (99%, 75%, 50%, and 2%)

#56-078 - Set of 4 Reflectance Standards (99%, 75%, 50%, and 2%)

#56-078 - Set of 4 Reflectance Standards (99%, 75%, 50%, and 2%)

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Operating Temperature (°C):
-80 to 350
Thickness (inches):
Active Area Diameter (mm):
Premium Wooden Case Included
White and Grayscale
Diameter (inches):
Height (inches):
Operating Relative Humidity:
5% - 95%
NIST Certification:
Reflective Material:
Nominal Reflectance (%):
99, 75, 50, 2
Reflective Area Diameter (inches):
Housing Material:

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 209:
Certificate of Conformance:


  • 適用於光譜儀、比色法、放射測定和機器視覺應用
  • 漫射反射不受視角影響
  • 耐用、穩定且可洗
  • 供應含 NIST 可追蹤校準憑證及資料的序列化版本

Spectralon® 白色、灰階及彩色漫射反射標準板具備近乎完美的朗伯表面,提供非常高的一致性、重複性,並且不受視角影響。這類標準板可做為參考標準板,適合各種工業、實驗室及現場應用使用,例如穿透/反射/吸收光譜儀、傳感器線性特性、比色法、放射測定和機器視覺應用。其中特別適合用於校準比色計、光譜儀、分光光度計、反射計、密度計、積分球系統、相機及成像系統、遠端感測系統、近接傳感器,以及其他光學或攝影設備。

白色及灰階標準板在適光性區域為平直光譜(±1%),在 250 至 2500nm 的整個波長區域則維持在 ±4%。彩色標準板可用於照明或色彩重現應用,例如顯示器、織品、墨水及油漆製造,而且其中溫度變化時的色彩偏移非常平緩,可輕易量化及修正。選購的 NIST 可追蹤校準憑證及資料,可讓漫射反射標準板轉變為絕對標準板,提供以 50nm 為間隔的認證可追蹤資料。白色及灰階標準板是由 250 至 2500nm 波長校正,彩色標準板則是由 350 至 850nm 波長校正,並提供三激值、色度座標、UCS 座標、CIELAB 色彩空間座標,以及 CIELUV 色彩空間座標等額外資料。

所有漫射反射標準板均堅固耐用,具備熱及化學穩定性,並可清洗。即使暴露在惡劣環境中,也能維持均勻性及完整性。所有標準板都安裝在耐用的 Delrin 外罩中(含保護蓋),標準板組則包含專屬的頂級木製儲存箱,其中設置軟墊提供 8 個儲存隔間。

The White (99%) Standards are spectrally flat to ±1% over the photopic region and maintain ±4% for the entire wavelength region of 250 to 2500nm. The Grayscale Standards have their respective nominal reflectance values. The Color Standards can be used for lighting and color reproduction applications such as display, textile, ink, and paint manufacturing, and they exhibit extremely gradual color shift with changing temperature that can be easily quantified and corrected. With the optional NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate and Data, the Diffuse Reflectance Standards transform into absolute standards with certified traceable data. The calibration certificate reports data in 50nm intervals, while data file included in the USB thumb drive reports in as fine as 1nm intervals. The White and Grayscale Standards are calibrated from 250 to 2500nm wavelengths, while the Color Standards are calibrated from 350 to 850nm and come with additional data in tristimulus values, chromaticity coordinates, UCS coordinates, CIELAB color space coordinates, and CIELUV color space coordinates.

All diffuse reflectance standards are durable, thermally and chemically stable, and washable. They retain uniformity and integrity despite exposure to harsh environments. All standards come mounted in a durable Delrin housing with a protective cover, while the sets include a dedicated premium wooden storage case with soft padding offering 8 storage slots.

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