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Video Resources

How to Build an Optical Isolator with Stock Components

Many laser applications are prone to specular reflections back into the source, causing overheating and decreased stability and lifetime. An optical isolator, which emits a circularly polarized beam and allows light to transmit in only a single direction, can eliminate that back reflection. Join Ehren O’Donnell, Product Line Engineer, to learn how to use Edmund Optics’ stock components, a linear polarizer and a quarter-wave plate, to build an optical isolator.



Find step-by-step instructions and materials you need to build your own custom optical isolator with stock components from EO.

Designed or tested for use with lasers, check out our selection of laser grade lenses, mirrors, filters, optics assemblies, and more.

Edmund Optics' engineers are experts in delivering the best solution possible. From stock products to custom designs, EO has the industry and technical knowledge to help meet your needs.



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