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想分清傳統鍍膜濾光片和硬質鍍膜濾光片之間的區別嗎?我們光學工程師Monica Rainey,將為您介紹這兩種鍍膜的製造技術和優點。想了解更多有關濾光片鍍膜和其他光學鍍膜的信息,請閱讀應用文章光學鍍膜簡介

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Need bandpass interference, notch, edge, dichroic, color substrate, or ND filters? We cover the spectrum from UV, visible, and NIR to mid- and long-wave IR wavelengths.

Learn the advantages of hard coatings compared to soft coating with this application note.

Coatings control the reflection and transmission of light through the mechanism of optical interference. We'll teach you the basics to help you choose the right coating for your next application.



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