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    Wavelength (nm)
    Type of Illumination

    Illumination Accessories

    Illumination Accessories are used to increase the versatility of other illumination products by offering additional options or capabilities for a larger range of environments or applications. Illumination Accessories consist of products such as light guides, adapters, or light intensity controllers designed to provide additional benefits or replacement options to illumination tools. Illumination Accessories expand the number of applications where illumination components may be deployed while additionally extending their lifespan through the number of replacement options offered. A number of focusing lenses are also available for fiber optic light guides.

    • 暗場照明可呈現應變與缺陷
    • 2 Aperture Sizes Available
    • Easy Snap On Attachment

    • 可直接替換¼" (0.312") 光纖
    • 使用壽命達50,000小時
    • 低功耗

    • 降低光纖光導管的發散性

    偏振器 / 分析器附件
    • 可減少高反射性表面發出的眩光
    • Polarizer Includes Gasket to Secure onto Emitting Face of Ring Guide, Easily Rotates
    • 分析器位於埋頭孔中
    • 極低的外型設計不會導致無法放置檢視的鏡頭或物件
    • 可針對使用者需求進行輕鬆調整



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