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Infrared Bandpass Filters – IR Bandpass Filters | Edmund Optics
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紅外線 (IR) 帶通濾光片

  • 非常適用於氣體分析
  • 中心波長為2.7 - 10.6μm
  • 單一基材干涉濾光片

我們的紅外線 (IR) 帶通濾光片在開發時著眼於耐用性,能提供隔離狹窄光譜區域所需的高穿透率與深入阻隔能力。單一基材電介質結構可確保易於維護,藉此可用於惡劣的環境。紅外線 (IR) 帶通濾光片非常適用於環境監控、安全防護及FLIR應用。

Bandpass interference filters are used extensively in a variety of biotech, biomedical, and quantitative chemical applications to selectively transmit a narrow range of wavelengths while blocking all others. Interference filters are widely used in instrumentation for applications including clinical chemistry, environmental testing, colorimetry, elemental and laser line separation, flame photometry, fluorescence, and immunoassays. In addition, interference filters are used to select discrete spectral lines from arc or gas discharge lamps, including Hg, Xe, and Cd, and to isolate a particular line from Ar, Kr, Nd:YAG, and other lasers. Bandpass interference filters are often used in conjunction with laser diode modules and LEDs.

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