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Shortpass Edge Filters

Shortpass Filters are used to isolate short wavelengths while rejecting long wavelengths for a wide range of applications such as beam separation, microscopy, or spectroscopy. Shortpass Filters reflect all wavelengths beyond a particular wavelength. Dichroic Filters are also available, which possess very narrow transmission widths. Shortpass Filters are offered in a wide range of different wavelengths, as well as a range of substrates or coatings to determine the transmission/reflection efficiency.

  • 明確的截止波長
  • 穿透與反射範圍大
  • Available in 4 Common Sizes

高效能od 4.0低通濾光片
  • 穿透與攔截範圍大
  • 坡度陡峭,可有效辨別光譜
  • 結合高通濾光片打造自訂帶通範圍

Hot Mirrors
  • Ideal for Reducing Heat In Projectors
  • Reflects 90% of the NIR and IR
  • Transmits 80% of Visible Light

  • 710nm 截止波長
  • 圓形及矩形選項
  • 供應各種尺寸

  • Use in Pairs to Create High Efficiency Custom Bandpass Filters
  • Optimum Input Beam Diameter of 0.2 x 8.0mm
  • OD3 Blocking
  • Linear Variable Bandpass Filters Also Available

Schott KG Heat Absorbing Glass
  • 可吸收紅外線
  • 也可用作低通濾光片

OD 2 低通濾光片
  • 明確的截止波長
  • 高效穿透/攔截
  • 採用精密熔融石英基材



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